KATI BUJNA FINE ART provides original & custom fine art acrylic paintings and prints, in-person consultations, art installation and delivery within a 200 km radius.
We ship internationally.  
For US and international clients please read POLICIES.


Cambridge, Ontario


KATI BUJNA FINE ART, located in Cambridge, Ontario - provides an online fine art store to purchase large, original and custom paintings and art commission for contemporary interiors: residential, cottages, corporate. KATI BUJNA FINE ART works with interior designers and decorators, builders, corporate art buyers and developers of residential, commercial, health and cottage industries. KATI BUJNA FINE ART studio and show room is located in Cambridge, ON and is owned by Kati Bujna. KATI BUJNA FINE ART serves Toronto, Waterloo Region, The Muskokas, Ontario and New York, USA with in person art services. Purchasing of KATI BUJNA FINE ART can be done at katibujnafineart.com.


My Art Planning freebies-2


Art planning freebies to simplify your life.


Congrats! Ahhh...I’m so glad you are taking the time to create space to welcome your soul, or your client’s soul. Believe me...I know that you’ve invested so much of your time and resources already in your vision for creating your new interior, your new space. It's now time to start executing or completing your decor project...and you are looking for the right art. But....perhaps you are bumping in to one of these common frustrating challenges:

  1. Don't have time to browse
  2. Can't find my essential details (the right colour, texture, image, size, etc)
  3. I needed all this YESTERDAY.

THIS is why I designed these freebies...

a.) to simplify your life by planning out your essential details...and... 
b.) to help you discover the perfect imagery that not only compliments your interior style but also, and perhaps most importantly, makes your heart skip a beat every time you enter your space! 

Creating space that loves you back begins here and now. (Scarlett and I will be with you all the way!) So take a look below, find your planning style...and let's get started! 

 ‘Til we next meet, sending you some zen!



Find your planning style...
and...let's get started!


My Custom Art & Design Services - Overview

You are a Master Planner. I designed this summary of my art studio excellence - for you...because I know we share the same goals...and we LOVE options!

Name *
  • Studio Manifesto
  • Premium Materials
  • Eco Sustainability Goals
  • Additional Services
  • International Shipping
  • Policies
  • More...


My Custom Art - Spec Sheet

Name *

For the visionary. I designed this tool for the visionaries who know exactly what they want! Capture your essential details here, and... I've added a few to consider. Share your specs easily with all your trades!

  • From room sizes to furniture styles

  • and your art feeling destination.


My Art Planner

Name *

You love to explore! Your planning style begins with following your senses and seeing what's out there in the world of design and decor! But every explorer needs a starting and destination point...(and lots of fun in between!). I designed this 3-step guide to help you map out some easy, zenful planning and....that will keep you away from...the zombies!

Wait. What??? Read on.


My Art Valet Service

Name *

As the CPO (Chief Project Officer) you want to be the first to see new innovations that suits your schedule.
You have little to no time to browse and... signing up for a system that delivers ideas to your mailbox and let's you purchase as you browse makes sense!

Here's how signing up to receive my My Art Series Catalogs will serve you and your clients.


 You will be the first to see:

  • Newly published catalogs 2x a year, with quarterly series additions
  • My new art series
  • Signature print collections
  • And... my complimentary $200 Gift Certificate towards any original or custom art order.

PLEASE NOTE: All my freebies are created as printable PDFs.
But...they are also handy (and more environmentally friendly) to refer to on your smart phones and tablets.