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Cambridge, Ontario


KATI BUJNA FINE ART, located in Cambridge, Ontario - provides an online fine art store to purchase large, original and custom paintings and art commission for contemporary interiors: residential, cottages, corporate. KATI BUJNA FINE ART works with interior designers and decorators, builders, corporate art buyers and developers of residential, commercial, health and cottage industries. KATI BUJNA FINE ART studio and show room is located in Cambridge, ON and is owned by Kati Bujna. KATI BUJNA FINE ART serves Toronto, Waterloo Region, The Muskokas, Ontario and New York, USA with in person art services. Purchasing of KATI BUJNA FINE ART can be done at katibujnafineart.com.

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Hi there, I know how much care you put in to creating the right design mood for your living space. AND, I know how exciting and frustrating it can be to search for the right art to either

a) be the springboard inspiration piece that sets the design tone for your space

b) be the anchor, statement piece that pulls a large space together

c) be a personally inspiring, energizing feeling destination that you will visit every day

This is exactly why I’m inviting you to join me to explore colour + art together. See fresh, innovative colour palettes and new art works that are inspired by my travels to the desert, sea and…heck backyard pool oasis, with myBASK Monthly.

It’s not only a visual treat but a time saver I'm told by my readers!

Wishing you artful adventures!
Kati Bujna


Hi there,

Did you survive the holidays and New Year celebrations? Are you ready to dive in to 2019?

….I’m still taking it slow, savouring the last few days of Christmas lights inside and outside our house. (I love the happy mood they bring!)

Getting back indoors 24x7 due to our Canadian winter brrrrrrrrr.. (not even Scarlett’s pink parka will entice her to go for walks outside) has an upside! Cosying up to our loved ones…AND taking the time to enjoy planning our interior decor projects! (We’re starting our guest bathroom reno!!! Yayyyy!)

But, I digress.

What’s new and exciting coming up in my art studio (aka art lab) this Spring 2019???

Here’s my intent for 2019

I’ve started painting my “Colours of Curacao” series AND exploring more figurative work with life drawing and painting.

AND…Thank you to all the lovely art lovers who visited me in 2018…AND, welcome to all those who have started visiting my art gallery and studio this January! Nothing I love more then…sipping tea, talking art, learning about interior art decor needs or talking more about art…Even Scarlett loves it!

But for those times that you can’t step out to see us and explore my new works, interior art decor ideas and fine art inspirations together…subscribe to my studio newsletter to stay in touch!

Looking forward to meeting you and best wishes for a deeply inspiring 2019!