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KATI BUJNA FINE ART provides original fine art paintings and prints, in-person consultations, art installation and delivery within a 200 km radius.
We ship internationally.  For US and international clients please read POLICIES.

Cambridge, Ontario


KATI BUJNA FINE ART, located in Cambridge, Ontario - provides an online fine art store to purchase large, original and custom paintings and art commission for contemporary interiors: residential, cottages, corporate. KATI BUJNA FINE ART works with interior designers and decorators, builders, corporate art buyers and developers of residential, commercial, health and cottage industries. KATI BUJNA FINE ART studio and show room is located in Cambridge, ON and is owned by Kati Bujna. KATI BUJNA FINE ART serves Toronto, Waterloo Region, The Muskokas, Ontario and New York, USA with in person art services. Purchasing of KATI BUJNA FINE ART can be done at katibujnafineart.com.

How to find "the right art"?


Kati Bujna, artist, planner, adventurer. Inspired by colour encounters from the road, I create contemporary art - original paintings, limited edition eco-prints, and custom works. For busy professionals who love exploring, personalized art experiences and their unique living spaces.

How to find "the right art"?

Kati Bujna

Plan your art like you plan a dream vacation. It’s a feeling destination we want to be excited to visit…every day!

Plan your art like you plan a dream vacation. It’s a feeling destination we want to be excited to visit…every day!

Follow your wonder

If I could only pick three words to encourage you with, it would be these

Because our world is an amazing, wonder-filled place. I’m energized by beauty I see every day. Whether it’s a road trip through the desert, a getaway to the Caribbean Sea, or a dip into our backyard pool - the colours I encounter leave their impressions and get interpreted and revisited through my art. For my husband…it’s motorcycle imagery that connects him to his passion.

Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by what energizes you?

Always start with where you are in life and what you love

…because interior spaces are organic spaces…and change, like life

From key home elements like light, human activity, furniture, annual decor trends, sweeping views from across rooms to seasonal views outside… to our emotional desires for colour, imagery, textures, design, and art display options. From where we are in life…single? partnered? …to our life styles, health and life goals…everything changes, evolves. ALL impact our interior design tastes, budget, and the moods we want to create.

That’s a lot to consider and not easy to describe, let alone find the “right art” exactly when you need it.

Hire professionals

Listen, even with all of my experience with home decor, graphic design and fine art, I still seek the advice and assistance of professionals! Simply set budget aside for seeking out trade guidance and avoid decor travesties…like… having to paint your ensuite 15 times because you (ahem, I) thought you could DIY a historic ambiance with period colours…but failed miserably.

But, I digress. I’m the first to acknowledge my lessons learned.

Look at options - choosing the right art is an iterative process…you’re not buying shoes

Whether you visit me at my art gallery & studio in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada or another professional artist, get a feel for what’s out there. I know, you know, that you have at your disposal multiple sources to find “the right art”. It takes an investment in your time and some planning.

Here are a few tips to help you.

  • See if your artist or gallery source will allow you to test the art in your space to see if it fits.

  • And to save time if you are under a deadline, call artists before you visit. Inquire if they carry anything in stock that speaks to your “essential details” and ask the artist to curate some of their work in preparation for your visit.

Bring your plan

Moving? Refreshing? Or is total annihilation and redesign of your space needed?

Whatever your vision, bring the details of your basic plans with you. Paint chips, fabric swatches, your inspiration pieces…. Artists are highly skilled at imagining and interpreting visual solutions…but they need a foundation on which to base concepts. What YOU find energizing should be that foundation, otherwise…move on until you find the professional right fit.

And on this note…If you could use some help putting together your project goals and art essential details OR you don’t know where to start - please feel free to download My Art Planner. Because…first we plan. Then we plan some more. And only then do we create.


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