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Cambridge, Ontario


KATI BUJNA FINE ART, located in Cambridge, Ontario - provides an online fine art store to purchase large, original and custom paintings and art commission for contemporary interiors: residential, cottages, corporate. KATI BUJNA FINE ART works with interior designers and decorators, builders, corporate art buyers and developers of residential, commercial, health and cottage industries. KATI BUJNA FINE ART studio and show room is located in Cambridge, ON and is owned by Kati Bujna. KATI BUJNA FINE ART serves Toronto, Waterloo Region, The Muskokas, Ontario and New York, USA with in person art services. Purchasing of KATI BUJNA FINE ART can be done at katibujnafineart.com.

Plan for Zen...and avoid the Zombies


Kati Bujna, artist, planner, adventurer. Inspired by colour encounters from the road, I create contemporary art - original paintings, limited edition eco-prints, and custom works. For busy professionals who love exploring, personalized art experiences and their unique living spaces.

Plan for Zen...and avoid the Zombies

Kati Bujna

Before heading out this upcoming May long weekend, or before heading out anywhere this summer, or any season...I want to share my lesson of our night with “the zombies”. (Make sure the kids aren't reading this....)

So..........Raise your hand if you remember ever staying at a Motel 8-like place complete with fake turf carpet and banging ice machines? All because you (or ahem, someone) didn't plan your trip?

On one of our Fall road-trips North in recent years, Ron and I once spent a night at a motel-8 like resort. After driving into the night and way past our bedtimes...we arrived to a closed reception and found our key waiting for us inside an envelope marked with my name. It was cold and dark by the lake as we tiptoed to our room passing other motel rooms looking for our number using Ron’s tiny keychain flashlight as our only guide... and opened the door.

There it was in its full regalia. Our room.

Plan your art like you would a dream vacation. Or else...be prepared for...the Zombies.

Plan your art like you would a dream vacation. Or else...be prepared for...the Zombies.

Resplendent with lime green outdoor plastic putting turf for indoor carpeting...an unfolded double Murphy bed beside a jacuzzi tub in one corner of the room and an overheating, glowing, clunking radiator in the other...the room made us too afraid to take off our clothes to sleep that night ...with both of us keeping a foot on the floor... ready...(ok, I was ready) for the undead's scratching hands at our flimsy patio screened door.

...I kept thinking...oh. my. gawd. a. zombie. invasion. It could happen.

Wait. What? Zombies?

My point is this....

The wrong art can change the energy of a room....like staying at the wrong (zombie) hotel on an expensive vacation.

This is why....my motto at this point in my life is... Planning = Zen, Unplanning = Zombie

So, yasss, we settled for this Bates Motel for one night...and I realized this to be a good, life metaphor. That planning (and understanding one's self) leads to zen. Much like planning art, planning interior design, planning travel, planning a good meal...See how the "zombies to zen" rule can apply here? Good meal = zen, bad meal = food for zombies…

Watchagonna do with your glorious condo, cottage space and or living room renos and refreshes this year?

Zen or Zombies?

P.L.A.N. your A.R.T.

PS - Here's a guide I wrote for the Explorer type planner. I'm one. We like to roll by freely exploring the world's ideas and experiences. (Ok, so I was the one who picked that Motel on that trip. The picture of the lake looked awesome.) But even explorers need a starting and ending point. Think of My Art Planner as an "idea GPS". It will get you started, organized and then free to roll as you like...zombie-free.

PPSS - Speaking of this upcoming long weekend, I'm personally inviting you to join me and 2 of my fellow lady boss friends - owners of Luxfindz, Noriko Oyama and ArtHaven, Margaret Richards for a day "About Her". RSVP here!