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Cambridge, Ontario


KATI BUJNA FINE ART, located in Cambridge, Ontario - provides an online fine art store to purchase large, original and custom paintings and art commission for contemporary interiors: residential, cottages, corporate. KATI BUJNA FINE ART works with interior designers and decorators, builders, corporate art buyers and developers of residential, commercial, health and cottage industries. KATI BUJNA FINE ART studio and show room is located in Cambridge, ON and is owned by Kati Bujna. KATI BUJNA FINE ART serves Toronto, Waterloo Region, The Muskokas, Ontario and New York, USA with in person art services. Purchasing of KATI BUJNA FINE ART can be done at katibujnafineart.com.

My monochromatic art Renaissance: The magic of exploring the unexpected


Kati Bujna, artist, planner, adventurer. Inspired by colour encounters from the road, I create contemporary art - original paintings, limited edition eco-prints, and custom works. For busy professionals who love exploring, personalized art experiences and their unique living spaces.

My monochromatic art Renaissance: The magic of exploring the unexpected

Kati Bujna

Ruts are so easy to fall into. One year your loving cactus green, your blonde zsuzsed hair highlights, your Starbucks skinny hazelnut latte...and then one day you wake up and...”meh”.


For me, surrounding my self with visual art, colour and decor is....sensual therapy.

One of the best tricks to keeping things fresh in my living and workspaces that’s worked for me (I work from my home office and studios A.LOT. 👀), and has turned into a style characteristic...is...to keep things modular. I not only like shifting art and furniture pieces around the house...but I NEED to shift things around. It’s amazing how the smallest visual change will wake up your brain neurons and give you little jolts of new pleasures and perspectives. (I once employed a gal who vacuumed our home while I travelled a lot. And every time I got home after she had been there....I would find my table top art pieces rearranged. It always made me smile...a little extra gift of a new display perspective that she would leave behind for me to experience.)

So...here I am....For a girl inspired by colour adventures as much as I...I have to say I’m getting a thrill from my current monochromatic renaissance.

Black, white, greys, and all shades and tints between....something...refreshing about letting shapes and textures and lines take the main stage in a room....versus the drama of colour.

In the case of this room the painting still pops as it’s carrying the darkest tone - black.


So...Try it. Try the unexpected.

Try moving something fairly significant around. And tell me how you like it...

.......Move a chair that’s typically in the dining room to...your office...or bedroom.

.......Move the $50 poster into the swank dining room.

.......Move the area rug out and let a sheer floor speak in your space for a while.

Sometimes the refresh is exactly in-front of us and just needs a move into a new space.